Máquina de descarga 64MB


Downloadkey is a simple portable storage device with a capacity of 64 MB which allows the download of driver card and digital tachograph data. The flush key does not have a slot for inserting the driver card. To download the card, connect the device to the tachograph, insert the driver card in slot 1 and the company card in slot 2. At that moment, the machine simultaneously downloads data from both the card and the tachograph.
Its compact and robust format, as well as its weight of less than 30 g, make this flushing device your ideal everyday companion. With a memory capacity of 64 MB, it allows 300 downloads, both of the tachograph and driver card downloads.


The Downloadkey can be formatted as needed as a USB (pendrive) on your computer.

It has on the one hand an RS-232 output that is compatible with all digital tachographs and on the other hand a USB output, which facilitates access to obtain data via a computer. It does not require an external power source. The LEDs indicate the current status of the discharges. With the configuration software it is possible to individually configure the Downloadkey.

Updates to both the program and the download device are free of charge. We also offer full technical support in using and understanding both the download device and the included software.



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